Stripey straws and cupcake cups

Sweet Paul This inspirational pic by Paul Lowe has made it around the blogs, but it was just recently that we put 2 + 2 together on sourcing some of these cute details!

Oh Happy Day Straws Kikkerland straws We found these stripey straws thanks to Alison Hotchkiss at Alison Events (photo courtesy of Jordan Ferney). They're available from Kikkerland as well as locally in San Francisco at Arch.

Jack & Lulu Stripey Straws

These beauties are also coming soon from Jack & Lulu (via Haystack Needle).

Cupcake Social

Fluted cupcake cups via Cupcake Social, also available at Bake it Pretty.

Photos: Paul Lowe, Jordan Ferney, Kikkerland, Haystack Needle, Cupcake Social