Mad Men meets Hello!Lucky

Sabrina at Sterling We at Hello!Lucky are huge fans of Mad Men (2nd season DVD came out 2 weeks ago!). Love the styling, the title credits, the outfits...everything about it! So we were psyched to discover the Mad Men Yourself app that just launched on the AMC website.  You can outfit yourself in a hip 50's outfit, with the obligatory cigarette, martini glass, or fur stole. Hours of entertainment! Here's the Hello!Lucky staff, mad-menned!

Eunice Sabrina

Co-founders Eunice and Sabrina


Our San Francisco designers and stationery consultants -- Shauna, Anna, Meredith, Corie, Lia, and Jessica


Heather, our shipping manager, along with our pressmen: James, Max, and Aaron

ChristinaChun YeeKellyIain

Christina, our finance manager, and Chun Yee, our Brooklyn-based partner in crime.  And last but not least our intrepid London office - Kelly and Iain!

Endless hours of entertainment. Happy Friday!

Thanks to Meredith for the tip!