Tombées du Camion

Box of Bits We here at Hello!Lucky are hopeless addicts of fabulous vintage finds (our studio is a mad collection of bits and bobs picked up at the flea) and so we were delighted to come across Tombées du Camion (translated, it means, appropriately and hilariously, Things Fallen Off the Truck) on the Constant Gatherer...

Tombees du Camion

This fabulous little shop  is located in Paris (17 rue Joseph de Maistre, should one be so lucky as to be traipsing about Paris!)...


The shop is a collection of vintage bits and bobs, and many items are to be had in large quantities (fantastic for party favors, crafty endeavors etc.)

Smiley Guys

An online shop is supposedly forthcoming but in the interim, if something particularly strikes your fancy, such as these hilarious smiley guys, you can order via email.


Soldier Boxes

Love these little soldier boxes!


Wooden Whistles

Surely something fabulous can be done with these wooden whistles...

Tuna Tins

Trust the French to make tuna a fabulous and wonderful thing...


If Paris is not on your agenda anytime soon, here are a few of our favorite places to find cool trinkets:

Of course, the Alameda Flea (obsessed with it!)


Tail of the Yak in Berkeley

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Etsy, of course, including Buttermilk Sky and SnapCrafty