Behind the scenes at our photo shoot

Joe De Leo Last month, we were in New York for a couple of weeks shoot our new DIY wedding book with co-author and stylist Shana Faust and photographer Joseph De Leo. It was an amazing and overwhelming experience, and has largely been responsible for the slow-down in blog posts!!

Photo Shoot 2

We spent a full 2 weeks crafting at Aloft Studio in mid-town - if you're wondering how much crafting goes into filling a book, look above! (Thanks to Kim and John for letting us turn the place upside down!)

Photo shoot 5Photo shoot 4Photo shoot 8

We were fortunate to have helpers - H!L's intrepid Chun Yee O'Neill and Tricia Roush of House of Nines Design - who crafted along side us every day!

Shana’s props

Shana brought tons of beautiful props for styling...

Photo shoot 6

And we all brought piles and piles of crafting materials, like these pretty ribbons from Mokuba Ribbon, which we'd collected over the past year. Believe us, great crafting starts with great materials!

Photo shoot 7

It was an incredible experience! Can't wait to share the finished book with everyone!