Introducing...the Chick-o-Meter!

CHICK_O_METER_2Welcome to Hello!Lucky's Amazing Chick-o-Meter! This pile of chicks represents the 3,000 chicks we're donating to hungry families this holiday season via our new partnership with Heifer International! Oh yes, we plan to catapult, slingshot, parachute, float, fly and belay as many chicks as possible to families that need them!  Read more about Heifer and why we're doing this here.


Each week, we'll measure how much support we're getting for our goal with a pile o' eggs that represents YOU (yes, you!). Just enter the code "GIVECHICKS" at checkout*, and each time you do we'll add 20 chicks to our count. If we reach our goal, we'll donate 2 llamas, too!

So don't be a us give chicks! We hope you can join us!

Yours sincerely,


*sorry, this can't be combined with promotions.

No chicks were harmed during the process of illustrating this graphic.  The catapult is intended for comic effect only.  Hello!Lucky does not condone using a catapult in the creation of a pyramid of chicks.