Chick-o-meter: Week 1

CHICK_O_METER_2 Okay! We have our first Chick-o-Meter update, and are glad to report slow but steady initial support! We're at 400 chicks -- only 2,600 to go before we reach our goal of 3,000 chicks!


For those of you who are just reading about our effort, here's the scoop: We've committed to donating 3,000 chicks (100 flocks) to hungry families in the developing world via Heifer International, one of our favorite charities. These chicks provide essential, live-sustaining nourishment to the families, producing eggs and an ever-growing flock that can support families and communities in need. Read more about our effort here. To support us, all you have to do is enter "GIVECHICKS" at checkout (yes, you have to buy something, but don't you need holiday cards or gift wrap anyway?).


If we reach our goal, we'll also donate a pair of llamas!! (Picture from here.) So, don't be a chicken, help us give chicks!