Happy New Year!

group_shot1 Happy New Year, everyone! A few days ago, we embarked on some New Year's cleaning and came across these wonderful photos from our 1st year anniversary (amazing that now we're coming up on 7 years!).  Back then, Hello!Lucky was just four of us -- Eunice and Sabrina (second and third from left), Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls (second from right), and Jen Kowskie (far right) -- with frequent help on the marketing front from our good friend Ruth Krumbhaar (far left). There were lots of critters and kids around, too -- Simon, Eunice's dog (foreground); Rumi, Ruth's dog (in Maybelle's arms); and Kellen, Jen's 2-year old.


Jen and Eunice had worked together as designers during the web boom of the late 90's; Eunice met Maybelle at a letterpress class at the San Francisco Center for the Book, and with some guidance from Sabrina, Hello!Lucky was hatched.


Eunice and Maybelle did most of the letterpress printing those early days, on a C&P printing press.


One of our earliest designs - a coaster with a sassy girl in a cocktail dress. She was featured on the announcement for our booth at our very first National Stationery Show in 2003 and can still be spotted on our Chi Chi party invitation.



Some more early designs, leaning on an old-fashioned book press that we kept in our studio.


Another early design, now what we think of as a "classic," available here.


A detail of a wall in our first studio, located on 4th Street in Berkeley.


Eunice & Sabrina in front of the C&P press with pooches Indie & Simon!


These days, Eunice & Sabrina are still at the helm, and we're now in our third studio space in San Francisco's SoMA district. Maybelle went on to launch her successful calligraphy business, working for clients such as Martha Stewart Weddings (and just had twins!); and Jen embarked on a free-lance graphic design career and raising her two wonderful boys.  Ruth has switched from marketing to social work, and is raising a darling boy, too.

So, here's to remembering our roots and humble beginnings, and to many good things in the future! And, thanks to all our wonderful partners, fans, customers, staff, and supporters - you're the best!

Photos by Belynda Webb.