The Exquisite Book Project!

It's sure turning out to be a good year! This awesome illustration, designed by our own lovely and talented head designer and co-founder, Eunice Moyle, has been accepted to appear in The Exquisite Book Project--published by Chronicle Books and out this Fall! Print

This project, curated by our friend and fellow designer Julia Rothman and lovingly dubbed "a total experiment"--is a collaborative effort among artists of all sorts; illustrators, designers, and comic artists come together to tell a singular story. Each artist contributes one full illustrated page to the book, and are given no more to go on than the previous artist's illustration!

We're over the moon about The Exquisite Book Project, and are rather humbled to be amongst such other contributors as: Mike Perry, Camilla Engman, Dave Eggers, and our buddies over at Lab Partners.