Eunice and Daniel's Wedding, finally!

Eunice and Daniel's Wedding Eunice and Daniel's Wedding

We are SO excited we are to FINALLY be sharing photos from Eunice's wedding! Eunice, as many of you know, is our co-founder and Creative Director and her wedding last May 9 was one of the most unbelievable days ever!

Eunice and Rosette Crown

Eunice looked stunning in a dress of her own design, hand sewn by multi-talented Hello!Lucky London office head Iain Harris Bartlett, with makeup by Meaganne McCandess and headband by pal Jennifer Behr (available right here!).

Eunice and Daniel's Wedding

Eunice and Daniel's Wedding

Tons of our creative friends helped out with the details, including Tricia Roush (top left) of House of Nines Design. Magnolia Photo Booth was one of the highlights - guests had a blast taking mugs with all kinds of hilarious props!  Bottom row, Eunice and Sabrina celebrating the best day ever, and bridesmaid Erin Murphy trying on a tissue paper crown.

Eunice and Daniel's Wedding Puppets

A high point was a Tim Walker-inspired parade featuring animal shadow puppets designed by Eunice, fabricated Jillian and Toast at Because We Can, and then hand-painted!


Introducing Mr. & Mrs. James!

Martha Stewart Weddings Spring 2010 Cover

Oh, yes! And the reason for the delay in sharing these pics!? The wedding is on the cover of the Spring 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings!!  Check out the full gallery on their website here, and stay tuned for behind-the-scenes blog posts on The Bride's Guide. We'll also be posting lots more behind-the-scenes photos on our blog -- there's just so much great stuff to share!!

Stay tuned for more to come!

Stunning photos by Gia Canali and Sara Remington.