Eunice & Daniel's Wedding Stationery

Eunice and Daniel's Save the DateSTDP_HIGHSEAS_COA-FUC-POO_F_L Since we're stationers, paper played a big role in designing Eunice & Daniel's wedding. The first piece of inspiration was Rob Ryan, the whimsical London-based paper artist. Eunice illustrated this letterpress save-the-date poster featuring silhouettes of her and Daniel, and their two dogs Indie and Simon, along with a save-the-date for their London reception.

Hello!Lucky Wedding Cake

We used the silhouettes again to create a DIY cake topper, with the silhouettes laser cut out of balsa wood by our pals at Publique Living, and embellished with crepe paper flowers.

Woodland Damask Wedding Invitation Suite

The wedding invitations were a variation Woodland Damask wedding invitation, created in collaboration with pattern designer Joel Dewberry inspired by his  Deer Valley collection.  The wedding invitations and save the dates were letterpress printed, while the details booklets and programs were digitally printed.

Hello!Lucky Paddle Fans

We used the pattern to create these program paddle fans, which doubled to keep guests cool during the ceremony...

Confetti pouches well as these glassine confetti pouches, a tribute to the Beatle's All You Need is Love, Eunice & Daniel's exit song.

Check out more of the behind-the-scenes details on the Martha Stewart Weddings blog here.

Photos by Adi Nevo (stationery),  Gia Canali and Sara Remington.