More of our Favorite things... Paper and Porcelain!

Just had to share these with you!


Aside from writing letters, we'd say having folks over for coffee or tea is one of the best ways to keep in touch.

And how better to host a little get-together than with these beautiful handmade cups and saucers by Meredith Host? She gets some of her inspiration for design from paper patterns.

Just lovely!

Picture 24

We've had our eyes open for gifts, since it's getting on toward that season.  We ran into Meredith's work on the Clay Studio website. The Clay Studio is a fab non-profit organization, studio, and artist residency for ceramic artists in Philadelphia. Had to give them a shout-out because they do great work, and have gorgeous handmade goodies.

Picture 25

Isn't this serving dish delish?

Picture 22

And this mug to match, found on Etsy. Thanks, Meredith!