DIY Halloween Costumes

Unicorn&leprachaun Happy Monday after Halloween, all!  We had quite the DIY extravaganza, with costumes inspired by Eunice & Sabrina's babies!  Eunice crafted a unicorn head, with hubby Daniel as a leprechaun and their son as a pot of gold, and a fabulous rainbow banner.


The  pot o' gold look was achieved with a gold lamé skull cap adorned with chocolate coin wrappers, and a plastic cauldron dissected and attached to a baby bjorn (with duct tape!).


With new twins, Sabrina didn't have time to DIY all the costumes, just her own - a banana tree!


The leaves were crafted with felt, using wire hangers for structure and attached to a fez-like hat made of  fabric-covered cardboard.  Tricky?  Yes. But definitely a treat! Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween!