Cute Origami Favor Boxes


How cute are these little origami boxes?  We found them over on Les Surprises de Fifi Mandirac (these are her super adorable papers - love the mixed patterns). She found this on K.Design, a lovely blog with all kinds of cute origami ideas...


They would make adorable favor boxes and they look pretty easy to make!  You can find the instructions here (they are very clear, but in French, so a quick translation follows, should you need it!)

Row 1: I used a piece of square origami paper (12  x 12 cm or 15 x 15 cm)

Row 2:  Fold along dotted lines

Row 3: Unfold the left and right sides

Row 4: Raise the left side; bring the flap down and inside

Row 5: Repeat on the right side

Conseil:  Tip: to make a cover, use a slightly larger piece of paper