Heartland Evolution


We thought y'all might be interested in seeing all the great ways we've riffed our Heartland/Apple Farm design.  So many people have adapted it to their own farm setting— so we thought it would be nice to share!   Above is our original Apple Farm design on the left and a super cute version that Melanie Case commissioned on the right. Love the apple and orange on the same branch, brilliant!


How sweet— a Michigan Cherry orchard and a ceremony in Sun Valley Idaho! Love the horseshoes and the cowboy chic.


Then Eunice did a great riff on the Sun Valley Idaho version for Shannon and Jason and their Texas ranch wedding.  It's fun to see the two versions of the trees— we got it right on the bottom RSVP with the more deciduous looking variety. Check out the adorable Super 8 film of their wedding here.


Another great aspect about Heartland is that we can often substitute motifs from our other designs with great results!  The motif from our Vintage Rose design was perfect for the garden wedding on the left, and our Mi Amor birds went wonderfully with the Mexican flags on the right!



Such a perfect design for a Napa wedding!

Let us know if you'd love any of these designs for your wedding by contacting info@hellolucky.com. Take a screen shot and send it along via e-mail, or give us a call to ask about the process of using one of these fabulous rustic wedding invitation designs.