Craft night clothing swap!

Pucci-esque Vintage Dress

Eunice and I began hosting a weekly craft night back over a year ago when we were making crafts for her wedding (and, subsequently, researching our book, Handmade Weddings).  From the beginning, it turned out to be a great excuse to drink, eat, and shamelessly girl-talk (oh, and sometimes to craft!).

This week was especially thrilling - our first-ever clothing swap!  While in New York for NSS, I picked up a copy of The Happiness Project at Anthropologie (why were we shopping at an NYC Anthro when there's one just steps from our San Francisco studio, you might ask? The allure is just that inexplicably powerful.) on our way to ABC Kitchen. In the book, Gretchen Rubin describes the exhilaration of purging her closet (among other great tips!).

Confession: I am a vintage clothes hoarder. Half a decade of monthly trips to the Alameda Flea Market have led to packed closet full of vintage frocks from polyester to plaid and everything in between. Each one has such personality, but guess what? I haven't worn most of them in years!

The craft night girls came over at 7:30 and within minutes you could no longer see the living room floor. The stack of pizzas we had ordered sat unopened. People barely even stopped for a sip of wine.

Navy Vintage Dress

Dara ended up being the biggest winner - her retro style and curvaceous figure are perfect for the vintage look.

Red Vintage Dress

Love this quilted Chanel-esque number!

Blue Vintage Dress

Divine frock for summer parties!

At the end of the night, everyone had a few (or a few dozen!) new looks to try. It didn't cost a dime, and the best part is that if we tire of one of our "new" pieces, we can swap them again later!