Hello!Lucky Photoshoot

We have a bunch of sparkling new designs that we're getting ready to launch and we couldn't be more excited.  It's still top secret but we can tell you that everyone has been working like busy little bees around here.  Designers are designing, printers are printing, and the number crunches are... we'll we're not actually sure but it looks really hard!  Best of all the super cute and talented photographer Edyta Szyszlo is in the studio working her magic and taking gorgeous photos of our products.


We were so lucky to have a bright and sunny day here in San Francisco (no fog!) and our photo shoot glowed with natural light.



Our craft stash was the perfect place to find all kinds of goodies to use as props - buttons and bows, candies and clothespins!  We love to collect and hate to throw away so our storage room is filled to the brim with creative notions and vintage ephemera.



Lively backdrops make old favorites like Heirloom Harvest pop, while artful accessories give new designs like Midsummer (coming soon!) an appropriate introduction.


Weddings aren't the only life events we celebrate around here - a new baby deserves a shout from the rooftops... or at the very least an adorable circus animal announcement!  Our Big News Elephant gets the job done in style.


We love, love, love Edyta and her super creative assistant and welcome them back anytime!  Hello!Lucky staff glamor shots anyone?