Lucky Goat Family Farms


Over 4th of July weekend (um, yes, it took me awhile to get around to this post!), I attended a really lovely cheese making workshop at Lucky Goat Family Farm in Big Sur.  Milking a goat, was somewhat intimidating at first, but in the end, and after some man-handling that this particular goat was very patient about, pretty fun!


And the baby goats are le cute!


Turns out that super delicious goat cheese is actually not terribly difficult to make (or so it seemed under the capable direction of Sequoia Chappellet and her mom, our instructors. Of course, they've been making cheese for 27 years, so I'm not sure if I'd get the same results in my own kitchen!)


We decorated our cheese with edible flowers picked from their garden.  Mine was a little nod to Fourth of July with a fireworks motif!


The work of our various artistes!  Who knew that cheese decorating could be so creatively fulfilling?


The workshop ended with a cheese tasting that was SO delicious - it doesn't really get much better than goat cheese paired with fresh baked bread from Big Sur Bakery (which is, by the way, not to be missed if you ever find yourself down that way), a delicious wine from the family winery and other delicacies!


Note to brides out there looking for a really lovely rustic venue:

Lucky Goat Family Farm is available for wedding rentals (they have a beautiful artist's loft that opens out onto a perfect spot for an outdoor celebration) and there are several houses available as vacation rentals on the property that would be a great place for friends and family to stay!  Alas, I did a terrible job of getting any photos of the space but trust me, it's lovely and well worth a look!