Weekend in Paris: Part 1

Taxidermy Musee de la Chasse

After two weeks visiting our London office, I nipped away with my family to Paris for the weekend. Paris with two 16 month-olds felt a little daunting at first, but everything turned out beautifully (with the exception of a couple delicious meals that arrived too slowly for a toddler's taste, so were hastily wolfed down!).

Polar Bear Musee de la Chasse

First stop: La Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature. My husband, J., was skeptical given my known obsession with taxidermy, but it proved to be creative, gorgeous, and amusing!

Flower market stall Paris

Strolling around the Marais, we spotted gorgeous fresh flowers from a street vendor...

Cute outfit Paris

... some fab outfits...

Madmen Book Paris

...a French book titled Madmen: Un Art de Vivre

Images and Portraits Paris

Vintage photography shop Images & Portraits

Tout a Loisirs Beads Paris

Gorgeous bead shop Tout a Loisirs...

IE Paris Marais

ie boutique - colorful Indo-European children's clothes and decor created by a Japanese stylist and a French-Nepalese architect.

Boys on La Promenade,jpg

The best part was just to "faire une promenade" around the streets (and boutiques!) of Paris. The evening's dinner (sans petits) was at Le Train Bleu at Gare du Lyon - a gorgeous beaux-arts interior serving traditional French cuisine. A lovely start to the weekend!