Say Cheese! The Best of Photobooths


(via Ruffled)

Photobooths are so popular right now, and with good reason - who doesn't love hamming it up for the camera with costumes, props and a bunch of very close friends?  They're especially great at weddings to capture your guests at their finest.  Our favorites make creative use of festive props, brilliant backdrops and a whole lot of sassy attitude.


The gorgeous paper decorations in these Smilebooth photos make us absolutely swoon!


Fabulous props are definite must-haves (we all love a good wooden mustache) and the sillier the better as with this great snap from Studiobooth.


This snazzy photobooth set up found on Oh Happy Day, is a Francophile's dream come true.  Je t'aime!



And last but not least, H!L gets into the action at the TILT wedding fair in September.  Leslie and Lia took a little break to jump into the Magnolia Photo Booth and test drive some natty costumes.  To the Batmobile ladies!