Happy Halloween!


Needless to say, Halloween is a just a big excuse to get our crafting on and we love to pull out all the stops!  This year, Jude was a strong man (inspired by his penchant for bashing things and lifting heavy objects despite repeated warnings that if one, say, drops a large rock on one's foot, it's gonna hurt!)


His costume was based on our fab Going Strong card...


The costume consisted of drawing Sailor Jerry style tattoos with Sharpies on a pink leotard, leggings (made by tracing half a pair of store-bought leggings, cutting out four pieces and stitching them together - way easier than you would think!), a pair of Tom's and a barbell made with two styrofoam balls, a dowel, and papîer maché...the toughest part was drawing a moustache on a two year old!  I also slicked his hair down with egg whites for that 19th century gentleman look...


Have a fabulous Halloween!