Hello!Holidays! Lucky List for the Chef

chef2 hello_lucky-gifts_for_chefs

1. Kitchen Magic Twisty Whisk

Icy blue is a hot color for spring. We've seen it on clothing, in print, and in tons of displays. We were super excited to see Anthropologie came out with an uber cute (and trendy) kitchen whisk! Its twisted prongs and silicone grips make whisking a breeze. We'd love to see it peeking out of our stockings!

2. Slate Chalkboard Cheese Board

Chalkboards are taking over! We love the fact that this slate cheese board can be washed and reused for labeling cheeses, desserts, or any of your favorite hor d'oeuvres. The kitchen can't do without it!

3. Cheese Markers

It's hard to ignore these adorable cheese markers. Each one is backed with a glazed pattern that takes adorable one step farther. And the best part? The artist is a San Francisco neighbor! Fresh cheese is always stocked in our fridge and making appearances at Hello!Lucky gatherings, so we'll definitely be wishing for a set of these this year.

4. KitchenAid Satin Copper Stand Mixer

Need we say more? Perhaps the KitchenAid stand mixer is the ultimate gift for anyone who uses a kitchen, but in satin copper? Yes please!

5. Bluebottle Coffee subscription here

Fortunately for us, a Bluebottle Coffee shop resides only one short block away from the Hello!Lucky SF office, and we can't count how many New Orleans Style iced coffees were consumed by our staff this summer. A perfect gift to give any caffeine lover is a subscription to Bluebottle's blends! There are various options at various prices, so sign up your friends/family now!

6. Pure & Good Hand Soap

Simply stated, it's pure and good. Having pretty soap in the kitchen not only makes the space look cleaner (our secret trick!) but this product is totally reliable. Anthropologie strikes again with the icy blue accents, and why not protect the fragile hands of our loved ones and cooks? That's why we'd love to find this bottle wrapped up under our tree!

7. Herbs de Provence in Pottery Crock

It's a nice touch to have an organized (and attractive) collection of herbs and spices. Herbes de Provence (the French mix of choice), adds provincial flavor to any dish. We sprinkle this sophisticated blend of savory, fennel, basil, thyme and lavender on almost everything. To have our favorite herbs stored in a perfect little pot is just the right touch!

8. Pressed Glass Mixing Bowls

This set of three pressed glass mixing bowls would love a home in any kitchen. They're durable, stackable, and downright adorable! Either in jadeite or milk white, you can't do without 'em.

9. Tartine Cookbook

His/her croissants or morning buns may not turn out as scrumptious as the real thing, or maybe they will, but it's no shock that we all swear by this cookbook. Tartine, San Francisco's treasured cafe and bakery, earned it's constant line of hungry folks out the door. Yes, we are drooling while thinking about it! Better prepare your ovens, because baking just launched to another level!

10. Chez Panisse Cafe Cookbook

A few of us had the pleasure of meeting Alice Waters, founder of Chez Panisse, earlier this year. We were shaken with inspiration and delight as she greeted us with the warmth and kindness of a real friend. This cookbook not only reflects the qualities of the historically successful restaurant, but it brings the goodness home. Yes, we still may never get a reservation, but who said we can't pretend the kitchen is the real place?!