Lucky List for the Adventurer


1. L.L.Bean Boots

So you may have seen these before. Whether in gift guides throughout the cyber web or stacked in your great uncles mudroom of his log cabin. They are popping up in styled shoots and still maintaining their humble practicality. These boots can do no wrong! Classic and cool, every person should own a pair.

2. Hudson Bay 4 Point Blanket

A blanket like this is an investment. 100% wool and loomed in England, it's basically an 18th century antique! We love the simple primary colors, and that you'll want to hold on to this snuggle bunny forever.

3. Rite in the Rain Pocket Journal

Because we know you just can't wait to jot down the name of that rare owl you spotted while hiking in the woods, or sketch an image of the strangest looking fungi you've ever seen, this notebook will last in all wet weather conditions. You'll rest assured knowing your important notes are safe and dry inside this pocket pal. Perfect for stocking stuffers!

4. Stormproof Matches

Another loyal weatherproof necessity! You never know when your campfire will be doused by a rainstorm, or you accidentally drop your backpack in the river and your only matches are soaked. These stormproof matches stay lit even after contact with water. You will be glad you brought them along!

5. Stanley Flask

Perhaps it's not the ultimate outdoor accessory, but it's definitely a treat for any outdoor enthusiast. Whether filled with spirits or hydrating fluids, a flask like this one makes a wonderful gift.

6. Tartan Plaid Hat

A classic tartan plaid hat makes even an inexperienced adventurer look like a pro. It's no secret that we love all things plaid, and would give one to all the manly men in our lives!

7. Pentax Binoculars

How many times can we say waterproof? Well, here it is again. Waterproof binoculars. This small and lightweight pair of snazzy magnifiers is sure to please any trailblazer.

8. Marmot Puffer Vest

Marmot is a name you can trust. We were delighted to print the invitations for the grand opening of the San Francisco store earlier this year, and ever since we've been hooked! A puffer vest like this will keep your friends and family warm, without looking like a marshmallow. Save those for the campfire!

9. Petzl Headlamp

No adventurer can go without a reliable headlamp. Especially a waterproof, LED light, built-to-perform-under-extreme-weather-conditions headlamp. Its strap is detachable, so clip it to a hat or belt as a two-in-one gift for your lucky guy or girl! And did we say waterproof?

10. Cooking Iron

Campfire grilled cheese. Fire roasted burgers. This cast iron handheld appliance will bring your camping menu from dull to delectable. Forget the hot dog on a stick, ensure your campsite is equipped with the ultimate cooking tools!