New Designs and Heart Inspired Wedding Suites

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! In just a few days we will be showering our loved ones with handmade notes and heart-shaped treats. While brainstorming ideas for our valentines, we looked to our wedding stationery for inspiration. Lots of our invitations include hearts in the design, so we are excited to show them all together. We also figured now would be the perfect time to release our newest wedding invitation suites! Love Knot ties together perfectly (pun intended!) with the whimsical hand drawn details and bright fuchsia accents. These colors are customizable so you can match your wedding details!

Pixel Perfect brings out the gamer in all of us. Inspired by 8-bit design, this suite brings high score to a whole new level.

Sweetheart, inspired by 1950s retro paraphernalia, has lots of love to share. Not to mention, polka dots are very chic right now!

Of course we have to include the Big Day save the date. The heart icon is easy to recreate throughout your wedding just like Katie and Ashley did in their wedding.

It's Mother Theresa that said it best, "Love begins at home" so we couldn't imagine a better invitation that says just that. Our Home Sweet Home invitation suite designed by the unstoppable Julia Rothman will have you cozying on up to your honey in no time.

 Photos by Edyta Szyszlo