New Jacqui Lee Wedding Invitations

Hold on to your hats! The brand new Jacqui Lee collection has completely blown us away. The four invitation suites each have their own magical theme, but all have one thing in common - they were hand illustrated by the insanely talented Jacqui Lee. It's easy to see how much time and consideration was given to these mini artworks, all suitable for their own frame. These designs are now available just in time for spring, and just in time for your wedding stationery needs. Flora and Fauna (above and below) includes all the tiny elements of spring that we adore. And with Jacqui's charming critters and characters making appearances, they are perfect for an outdoor celebration.

Classic Parisian delight inspired this French Bicycle suite. With dreams of strolling the cobblestone streets and picking up a fresh bunch of flowers at the local market, this design is c'est magnifique.

It's time to channel your inner princess! Happily Ever After is exactly how you'll be living after a wedding inspired by this fairytale suite.

And Adventure sets the tone for a lifetime of romance and thrill. We love the evening enchantment of this suite, which would suit a celebration under the stars just magically.

Meet Jacqui Lee. Currently living and working in Vancouver, BC, her painterly style shines among a growing world of graphic design. Her holiday cards last year were such a hit, we honestly couldn't wait to collaborate for a wedding collection. Jacqui give us some insider information about her process:

1. What was your inspiration for this collection?

A lot of my inspiration came from imagery I associate with spring. I was working on this in the middle of a rainy and gloomy winter, so it seemed natural that all the ideas I was sketching down were bright and fun.

2. Did you like designing for a wedding collection?

Yes! I think there is so much opportunity to get really creative when designing for weddings. I've been seeing a lot of really great wedding work lately, so it was a ton of fun to try my hand at it. I was really trying to get into different niche personalities for each suite, and I hope that people can really connect with them.

3. What usually inspires your illustrations?

I'm always very inspired by the work of mid-century designers and illustrators.

4. If you had to pick one which suite would you chose?

Honestly, it's a tough choice. I worked on all of the suites simultaneously so they sort of grew off one another, yet there are separate elements in each that I really like. However, my initial starting point for the whole collection was the Foliage design, so I would have to say it's closest to me.

5. You illustrate so many adorable animals, is there anything behind that? Which is your favorite to illustrate?

That's funny because I never considered myself an illustrator who especially enjoyed drawing animals until they started showing up everywhere in my work. I decided to just embrace it, and then it became very natural for me to start using animals as different personalities. As of yet, I don't think I have a favourite...but bears have been popping up a lot in my work lately.

Check out the entire Jacqui Lee collection right here!