Store Feature: ink & peat

This week we’re continuing with our vendor feature series and highlighting the lovely indie shop ink & peat. ink & peat is both a retail store and a floral design shop based in Portland, Oregon. It opened in 2009 by Pamela Zsori, who spent 15 years as a designer in the fashion industry before deciding to open up shop. As you can see from these photos her thoughtful displays and bright beautiful products make for a stylish and welcoming space. We asked Pamela some questions about how this unique shop got its start and what makes it so special...

How long have you been in business? 

We have been open for 3 1/2 years.

Can you tell us a little bit about the neighborhood where ink & peat is located?  ink &  peat is in an up-an-coming section of the Boise-Eliot neighborhood in North Portland. Many of the shops and restaurants were built in old warehouses.

What inspired you to open ink & peat?

I was a textile designer for many years. My boyfriend and I wanted to move to Portland from San Francisco and I started thinking of ways to re-invent myself. I had an "a-ha moment" at 5 in the morning while I was shopping on the east coast for antiques. I started thinking about what I would be willing to get up early for - I loved antiques, home decor, and flowers. I soon started taking night classes in floral design and thinking of ways to incorporate all the things I love into one career. It ended up being this lifestyle store called ink & peat!

How long have you been carrying H!L cards? 

We have been carrying Hello Lucky! cards for 1 1/2 years. I love the sense of whimsy and seeing people smile when they pick them up.

Do you have a favorite or best selling card from us?  

The Spring Chicken card sells well - Portland is definitely a chicken town - so many folks raise them in their yard. I always love Julia Rothman's unicorn card - maybe because I grew up in the 70's!

From what's selling in your store right now what do you think is the next big trend?

I'm not sure about the NEXT big paper trend - but right now people can't get enough whales! In home decor, there is definitely inspiration from Native American handcrafts and there is a lot of color coming on strong. I think people are ready to climb out of this tough economy and need some bright inspiration and a return to handmade goods.