DIY Patterned Papers: Belly Bands

DIY Belly Bands from Hello!Lucky on Vimeo.

The next video in our series of DIY Paper Details is DIY Belly Bands! These little strips of paper are a very practical and simple way to add some character to your wedding suite while keeping all your inserts together. With basic instructions like cutting lines and folding twice, you will be shocked at how easy the process is. Dress yours up with a nice ribbon tie or lace paper trim for a more elegant approach. Watch the video and see below for full instructions!


DIY Bellyband Template, Printer, 1 sheet cardstock, 8.5 x 11” (US) or A4 (UK), Ruler, Bone folder, or a butter knife, Cutting mat, or a magazine, Craft knife, Pencil, Patterned paper (one sheet makes 4 bands), Glue Stick

How To:

Step 1. Print out the template. Print this template on card stock. Make sure your printer is set to 100% (or, “no scaling”) to ensure that the template prints to scale. Step 2. Cut out the template. Using a ruler, craft knife, and cutting mat, cut out the belly band template. Step 3. Trace the template. With a pencil, trace the belly band template onto each sheet of pattern paper. Repeat. One sheet of patterned paper fits 4 belly bands. Step 4. Cut out each belly band. Using a ruler, craft knife, and cutting mat, cut out the belly bands. Step 5.  Wrap the belly bands. Using a ruler and bone folder or butter knife, make a fold 3” on both ends of the band. Place each band in the center your invitation. Flip the invitation and band over. Apply about a ½” strip of glue to the back side of one end of your band. Set over the top of the other end and smooth to secure.

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