Sabrina's Weekend Snapshots

Music was always around the house growing up and I've always loved to sing. It's a family past-time - our dad has spent his retirement learning how to play various bluegrass instruments. I even sang a blue grass-inspired version of Dream a Little Dream for the first dance at Eunice's wedding with my former roommate. When I was in college I formed a singing group with 4 other women (one who happened to be the same roommate). They became great friends and we've recently started getting together yearly for a weekend to sing. This past weekend we got together for a weekend in New Hope, PA to sing some old songs and learn some new ones. Our little house had a great front porch where we spent lots of time just hanging out. We even recorded one of our songs as a memento of the weekend!

We spent a little bit time exploring New Hope and stumbled upon a local auto show.

It's always hard to say goodbye to my dear friends but next year will bring more great memories!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!