Happy Halloween!

As if getting a two-year-old to hold still for a Halloween picture isn't hard enough, Jude wasn't exactly keen on the idea of wearing the custom stuffed turtle shell I made this year, after weeks of reassurance that he wanted to be a turtle. The sketch was promising and the final costume turned out great, for the minutes we could convince him to wear it.

Sometimes, bribery does the trick! Here Jude is concentrating on his gâteau so I snapped a picture of the front of the shell.

His friend Hugo was rocking a super-hero costume, customized with a felt star and "H est super."

We couldn't celebrate Halloween without a costume, so I had to think on my toes. Luckily I had some scrap metallic silver fabric at hand, resulting in the fastest costume transformation yet - a dragonfly!

The wings were a big hit and Jude is ready to hit the town. Oh, the joys of toddler-hood. Hope you all have a very happy and safe Halloween!