DIY Holiday Tassel Garland

We pretty much love all holiday decor, but when it comes to our favorite, it's gotta come on a string. Garland is the best way to spruce up any room, especially during the holidays. With plaid fabrics popping up more and more this time of year, we couldn't wait to get crafty with it. This DIY does require a bit of handywork, but materials are very inexpensive. Instead of heading out to your local craft store, look in your own home for materials first! You might have an old flannel pillowcase that's missing it's match, or a plaid shirt you've outgrown from last year. And the twine can be replaced with ribbon or fishing line. The best part about this DIY holiday tassel garland? There's no-sewing required!

Drape these tiny tassels over your apartment-sized Christmas tree, or gather them up for a front seat on the mantle. Here's the how-to below!


1/2 yard plaid fabric (or an old shirt or pillowcase), 1/8" gold ribbon, jute twine, scissors, ruler (optional)

How to:

Step 1. Cut your fabric into 4" x 6" pieces (This DIY can easily be made bigger! Just cut bigger rectangles of fabric)

Step 2. Cut your ribbon ahead of time. 5" strips is plenty to work with. Set the ribbon aside for later.

Step 3. From each end, cut 5 even slits, 2" long. This part doesn't have to be exact. It just gets rolled up, anyway.

Step 4. Pinch the bottom where the slits on both sides end and roll up.

Step 5. After rolling, pinch the ends of the fringe and fold together.

Step 6. Hold the tassel with one hand while grabbing the ribbon with another. Tie the ribbon around the neck of the tassel in a double knot, leaving a 3/4" loop. Cut any excess ribbon. (Friendly help encouraged here!)

Step 7. String your twine through the loops of your tassels and display!

These mini tassels can be made with any pattern, and can be hung just about anywhere! For more festive DIY ideas, visit our website!