H!L Employee Wish Lists

With so many stylish and creative employees, we're dying to know what they are wishing for this holiday. All of our friends at Hello!Lucky are multi-talented, many with crafty hobbies and passions that we rarely get to see in our studio. So this year we're all dishing out our top three wish list items - and the sky's the limit! First on deck are our three talented designers, Kelly, Eunice, and Shayna.

Meet Kelly! She's one of our newest employees, and we love her laid back sense of style. Her top three wish list items will definitely get the inspiration flowing.

1. Brother Sewing Machine 2. Prussia Satchel 3. Subscription to Kinfolk Magazine

We knew Eunice would come up with some fabulous wish list items this year. With her colorful personality and sophisticated style she's got some real winners on her list!

1. Polaroid Z2300 2. Alder & Co. Enamel Locket 3. Clare Vivier Foldover Clutch

Shayna's always on the go, so her wish list items are practical and stylish! We can just picture her now cruising on her bike with that leather strap backpack and grooving to some tunes on those new headphones.

1. Fjall Raven Rucksack 2. Eskuche Headphones 3. Kiehls Eye Alert

Stay tuned for more Hello!Lucky employee wish lists!