Hello!Lucky Employee Wish Lists

Our next group of employees dishing their top three holiday gifts is Lia, Anna, and Holly. Each of these ladies embrace their crafty side while constantly updating their personal wardrobe. With style, leisure, and decor in check, each of these wish list items are want-worthy this year.

Lia's weekend roadtrip inspired wish list captures her timeless taste, and her eye for perfect plaid. We can picture her hopping a train for a winter vacation sporting all her new gifts in style.

1. Orvis Satchel 2. Jack Wills Fairstorm Blazer 3. Nancy Mitford Highland Fling

Anna is constantly seeking out items for their beauty and function. With her wish list items wrapped up she'll be organized and stylish - at home and about.

1. Illesteva Leonard II Safari Shades 2. Lucite Tape Dispenser 3. Chestnut Paper Origami Lampshade

Holly is a daily traveler from the East Bay into the city and all around, but she manages to still keep things chic. Her wish list items would make travel a breeze - including a dream trip to Tahiti for some sunshine!

1. Bryna Willow Clutch 2. Pendleton Painted Hills Umbrella 3. Trip to Tahiti

More employee wish lists to come!