Hello!Lucky Employee Wish Lists

This second to last wish list comes from H!L employees Laura, Leslie, and Lyndsey. If you haven't noticed by now, we have 5 "L" names in the same office space, but these lovely ladies each have their own charm.

Laura has been a huge help to us this past summer and holiday season. She has an infectious laugh and we adore her sense of humor. Her wish list items definitely suit her lively personality, and we want to come along for the ride!

1. Sidecar Motorcycle (to fit her dog Buzz!) 2. Free People Hat 3. Cricket Trailer

Leslie's love for Santa Barbara must have influenced her top three this year. She's always willing to dish out great recipes and has excellent taste. Her wish list items are big and small, and we really do want them all!

1. Handmade Bread Board 2. Crème de Violette 3. A Yurt in Santa Barbara

Lyndsey is wishing in white this year. Her top three items will keep her company - and keep her cozy - with a little bling to highlight her bright style and hilarious personality.

1. American Bull Dog Mix 2. Bow Ring 3. Cashmere Knit Throw

Happy holidays to all! We hope you get everything you wished for this year!