Hello!Lucky Employee Wish Lists

Our final group of employee wish lists come from H!L friends near and far. Iain and Hamad always send festive gifts to our San Francisco team, and Sabrina is always sure to send an extra holiday surprise to the two based in London. They're all wishing big this year!

Iain's ideal wish list items include quite a fabulous investment. He's dreaming of his holiday in a new home in Northern Italy, some furry friends to keep him company, and some cozy accessories in the winter months. Sounds dreamy!

1. Italian Castle 2. Irish Wolfhounds 3. Alpaca Bed Socks

Hamad is also dreaming of traveling the world and bringing along some essentials for the trip. We might have to join him on his journey to the most beautiful places on the globe.

1. A trip (first class) around the world 2. Tom Ford Fragrance 3. Smythson Soho Diary

Sabrina is wishing bright this year! Her colorful top three include some cozy accessories for hanging around home with her kids. She has great taste for bright colors and bold patterns so her wish list items definitely compliment her style.

1. Leon Baking & Desserts 2. J.Crew Liberty Pajamas 3. Erin Flett Cushions