Stationery Show Favorites, Part 3

Yes! We've still got more photos to share from the National Stationery Show. Above, is Fugu Fugu Press, a husband and wife team that makes these clever letterpress cards. We wanted all of them. 

We were lucky enough to get to know the ladies of Ladyfingers Letterpress at the Louie Awards ceremony where we got to sit with them. They were so much fun and we love how their personality comes through in their colorful and clever designs.

This was the first time we had heard of Permanent Collection and we loved their colorful booth and great letterpress designs. They were as nice as could be and we're so glad we know about them now, we'll be following along and checking out what they continue to do for sure!

Sapling Press never fails to make us laugh, we spent a long time in their booth reading all of their new cards. Geniuses they are. We couldn't decide which cards to share with you so here are some of our favorites.