Letterpress printcraft is how we got our start back in 2003, when Eunice took a class at the San Francisco Center for the Book and bought a vintage Vandercook Printing Press on eBay. From these unimpressive beginnings in her garage, to our own manufacturing spaces in Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco, we’re proud that, today, our letterpress cards are printed and distributed by Egg Press MFG.


Egg Press MFG is a female owned and operated letterpress factory in Portland, OR. They’re a bunch of nice people who make things that make people feel good. They like to think of themselves as “thoughtful as hell” and we can attest to that fact.  Obsessively focused on craft, kindness, and sustainability, you can feel the love in everything they do.


Letterpress is the classic printmaking technology, used to print everything from the Gutenberg Bible to the Life Magazine.  Unlike digital processes, the image is transferred onto raised plates, then pressed into the paper on industrial presses. The press prints one color at a time, meaning that letterpress designs are forced to use a limited color palette of 2 or 3 colors. The nostalgia of both the form and function of a letterpress card calls to mind an era when letter-writing was the norm, not the exception.  It’s the ultimate medium for writers, artists, and stationery-lovers.


As design- and craft-obsessed children of the 80s, we can’t get enough of letterpress. Maybe it was all those years of playing secretary with our dad’s office supplies, but we love that letterpress belongs to another era, while still feeling fresh and delectable to the modern eye. The nostalgic aspect of letterpress marries perfectly with our hokey humor and love of puns.  Plus, neon prints incredibly in letterpress. And, the challenge of working within a constrained color palette (3 colors or less, though they can be mixed by “overprinting”) brings out our creative best.  There is a minimalism to letterpress that we find exquisite.  It is our favorite design medium!


Letterpress is more than a print method – it’s a medium for thoughtful letter-writing.  In 2013, we partnered with Egg Press to create the mission-driven Write_On! Campaign to build our letter-writing habits by writing 30 letters in 30 days during April, National Letter-Writing Month. Every year, thousands of people join us in this collection action to spread joy, creativity, and connection around the world through hand-written letters and notes.  Get inspired here, and join us any time of the year!

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